Why Being Skinny is Not Always Good

“Thin is in” is somewhat true nowadays, although certainly not to the extreme it was carried in the 1970s when “Twiggy” was a description rather than a name. But the majority of us who struggle to keep the weight off would cheerfully strangle those who seem to do it with no effort at all, attributing it to their “overactive” metabolism.

However, that is not always a good thing.

Without admitting to any trace of vindictiveness, an overactive metabolism can be a problem. People who burn calories at an abnormal rate and are unable to put on weight may have an underlying condition that could have serious consequences later on. Some medical conditions that are associated with an overactive metabolism includes Von Gierke disease, Type I diabetes, and hyperthyroidism. It may also be due to stress or hormonal imbalance.

People with overactive metabolisms are always hungry because their bodies are inefficient. They tire faster and have little stamina because they have no reserves to draw on. They also have difficulty in not only storing fat but building muscle. Their bodies may be likened to a malfunctioning engine which works harder than it should, eating up all available fuel, and not really getting anywhere. Eventually, that engine will blow out unless it is repaired.

There are studies that show that an abnormally high metabolism increases the risk of developing diabetes, heart problems, fatty liver disease, and cancer. If you are skinny because you have an overactive metabolism, consult with your physician to rule out any underlying problems.

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