Potential Issues in a Georgia Divorce

While divorce has become more common in our society, many people involved in unhappy marriages who are considering divorce may still not know what to expect when the process begins. This ignorance can lead to timidity, allowing a bad marriage to continue indefinitely simply because of a fear of the unknown.

For that reason, it’s important to make the process clearer for everyone. Since divorce can be embarrassing, it’s easier for people to use online articles like this one as a resource instead of asking friends and relatives.

With that in mind, then, here are some of the issues that are sure to come up in a divorce for those who live in Georgia.

To begin with, divorce can be somewhat legally complex. While it’s not required by any means, if you and your spouse can’t work out every issue together, a lawyer may be necessary to complete the process. Getting a lawyer while filing for a divorce in Georgia has the benefit of allowing an expert to guide the proceedings while also ensuring those proceedings go in your favor.

One of the reasons divorce is so complex is because marriages are so different. After all, two people married only a few years with no property and no children will have an easier time saying goodbye than a couple married for 15 years with two kids, a house, two cars, and a small business they opened together.

A divorce requires both parties to reach an agreement on how to divide up property, finances, child custody, and potentially, spousal support. These issues can be easier or harder to settle depending on the couple. Sometimes, both spouses want to have full custody of the children. Sometimes, it’s easy to settle on who has custody but hard to decide who gets to keep certain pieces of property.

In the event the couple with or without their lawyers cannot settle particular issues, those issues will be reviewed by a divorce court where a decision will be made that is the fairest according to the presiding judge.

It’s important to note here that while some divorces are famously contentious, long-running, and dramatic, most don’t follow this pattern. It is often found that once lawyers are involved, and the two individuals in the marriage are no longer forced to interact so directly, that compromises are relatively easy to find on all points.

It’s that last fact that is worth keeping in mind for anyone considering a divorce but afraid to start proceedings. Divorces are difficult, emotionally painful, and sometimes expensive, but they are rarely as difficult, painful, and expensive as people fear they are going to be. In fact, they are often rather smooth and straightforward once a lawyer is involved.

The best advice, then, for those who may want a divorce, is to realize what the process will look like beforehand, try to minimize the difficulty with as many compromises as possible ahead of time, and then allow the divorce lawyers to do their job, so you can be free to live your life once again.

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