Nursing Home Abuse and Its Signs

Nursing homes are there to provide care and nourishment for our loved ones, but there are instances where they can be places of abuse and neglect. This can happen because of many reasons, like unprofessional medical employees and insufficient medical facilities. But whatever the reason may be, your loved ones do not deserve to be treated badly.

Physical Abuse
Physical abuse is one of the most common kinds of abuse that happen in the nursing home, especially because the elderly population are physically limited to defend themselves or communicate their situation to others. If your loved one has unexplained wounds, he or she may be suffering from physical abuse. Most physical abuse incidents happen when the medical employee tries to restrain your loved one, so give special attention to injuries from ropes and straps.

Sexual Abuse
Believe it or not, even the old are vulnerable to sexual advances. If your loved one has difficulty walking, standing, and sitting, unexplained wounds particularly in the reproductive and hip area, and unwarranted sexually transmitted diseases, he or she may be sexually abused.

Emotional and Psychological Effect
Any kind of abuse can have an emotional and psychological toll to your loved one. Be wary if your loved one suddenly has sudden mood changes, especially when they happen when a particular medical employee is around. Other effects include withdrawal from social interaction, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Neglect can also be considered as a form of abuse. It can have many manifestations, such as neglect in terms of hygiene, medication, and nutrition. If your loved one has hygiene problems, seems dehydrated or malnourished, or seems to have a worsening medical condition, he or she may be neglected in the nursing home.

According to the website of the personal injury lawyers of Truslow & Truslow, getting hurt, disabled, or killed because of the negligence of another party may warrant a personal injury case. In this instance, the negligent party is the nursing home and its employees. Do not be afraid to step up, especially because the law is on the side of the victims.

But to avoid the hassles of medical bills, attorney fees, and wasted time in courts, it is best to inspect the nursing homes before putting your loved ones there. Make sure that the nursing homes have the adequate employees and medical facilities, because your loved ones deserve to be treated with dignity.

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