Medical malpractice: nursing home neglect

There are many different kinds of medical malpractice. To name a few, birth injuries, misdiagnosis, dental malpractice, and improper or delay in treatment. One form of medical malpractice is nursing home neglect. We put our loved ones in nursing homes so they can receive 24-hour care. We put our loved ones in nursing homes so there can be nurses constantly on staff, and so we do not have to worry about our loved ones the way we would worry if they are at home unattended. So experiencing nursing home neglect is a huge slap in the face, and a major form of medical malpractice.

Nursing homes can be tricky to sue against, being that it is very likely that the patients are dying of old age regardless. So if you feel that your loved one died wrongly in a nursing home, it is important to get an experienced lawyer who knows exactly how to fight on behalf of your loved one.

Medical malpractice within nursing homes exists in many forms. Lack of food and hydration, medical needs not being met, neglect of hygiene, lack of assistance in motility, and even inadequate social time, are all forms of medical practice. There are many signs to look for if you believe your loved one is being neglected in their nursing home. Including, but not limited to, bruises, bed sores, broken bones, dehydration, malnutrition, infections, withdrawal from social interactions, emotional outbursts, dirty clothes, or if the nurse will not let you be alone with your loved one.

You put your loved one in a nursing home so you would not have to worry about them, yet here you are concerned for their well being, and justice must be served. According to statistics from Nursing Home Abuses Guide, “almost one out of every ten elderly individuals will experience some form of elder abuse.” With these whopping statistics, it is important to know that there is something that can be done. While monetary compensation will not bring your loved one back from the dead, or ease their pain of neglect, it can prevent these medical malpractices from occurring again, and hurt someone else and their family.

No one expects to be treated poorly in a nursing home. The people who work in nursing homes work hard to present their establishment as a safe place full of love and nurturing. However, these things can merely be a facade as there is neglect behind the scenes. Justice, monetary compensation, and precedent are all things you can get from these cases, so do not be afraid to hire a lawyer and fight for what you deserve. Lawsuits can be long, complex processes filled with legal jargon and times of defeat, so you need someone experienced and supportive, like a lawyer, on your side. You should be focusing on either comforting your elderly loved one, or grieving a loss, rather than dealing with the legal side of this unfortunate circumstance, so let your lawyer take care of the legal side while you and your loved ones heal.

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