Defective Car/Car Parts – A Probable Cause of a More Serious Accident

The sight of a wrecked car on the road can be gruesome and scary . . .  and often, people ask why accidents have to happen. Driving, of course, is just a privilege, not a right. Many drivers, however, behave as if they own the road – driving recklessly, going over speed limits, driving while intoxicated, not observing stop or slow down signs, beating the red light, tailgating even trucks, and committing many other traffic safety rule violations. Yet the importance of not committing any of these has been made clear to every driver before a driving license had been issued to each of them.

Due to all the violations drivers commit, which result to more than five million motor vehicle accidents annually, you would not be able to blame the federal and state governments if these employ stricter means and programs to be able to apprehend violators, especially those who threaten public safety the most.

Besides driver-controlled violations that lead to vehicular accidents, there are also offenses (that are committed by people other than drivers) which can cause even more serious injuries and worse property damage. These faults are committed by the manufacturers of vehicles, while their offense is failure to comply with federal and industry standards in the manufacture of vehicle and/or vehicle parts.

There have been manufacturers which have made recalls (in the recent past) on certain models of their cars or vehicles after finding out that the issues released for such model has a defective design or has a defective part. The only sad thing about this fact is that recalls were made after a series of accidents had already taken place and had been reported.

A serious car accident, or worse a truck accident, can definitely cause severe injuries, such as a spinal injury, brain damage or broken bones, which can totally alter the life of the victim from active to being confined to a bed or a wheel-chair, for the rest of his/her life . For some victims too, especially children, physical injuries are not the only effects of an accident; there is also trauma, which can cause a person mental and emotional pain for a long time.

Severe injuries and trauma require continuous treatment, which can prove to be too costly in the long run, enough to sink any family into financial troubles eventually. And though some victims may have received compensation from the party that caused both accident and injury, often, the compensation is not enough to see the victim through recovery. The victim will soon realize that, due to the inadequacy of the amount of the compensation, he/she will have to pay for the cost of treatment and medication from his/her own pocket. Soon too will the victim feel the need to sell some of his/her assets, like jewelry, and skip some payments, like credit card bills, student loan, child support, or house mortgage even, until he/she has no other option, but to file for bankruptcy just to end the hounding of his/her creditors.

Victims of accidents should realize that having a good physical injury lawyer, who will fight for their right and defend their interests against the party liable for the accident and their injury, is often a necessity to help them get the amount of compensation they really should receive. A few thousand dollars via an out-of-court settlement, to save them all the trouble, so to say, may be inviting. But how many years, or maybe just months, will this thousand dollars last?

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