Criminal Defense of Sex Crimes

In December of 2013, the brain behind a revenge porn website, was charged, not for sex crimes, but for extorting thousands of dollars from his victims, mostly females, whose pictures where indecently exposed in the website he created in 2012. The extortion charge was due to the amount he required from those posted in his website, for their pictures to be removed.

Revenge porn websites that contain nude photos or sex videos of former girlfriends or boyfriends which have been posted by their exes as a form of revenge for being dumped. Uploaded obscene pictures include the victim’s name and his/her city or state of residence; some pics even include the subject’s exact home address, contact number and place of work – information  required by the site’s owner from those submitting videos and pictures for posting.

Links to the subject’s Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook account are also required by these sites, enabling them to link to the subject’s social networking profiles, so that when someone (friend, family, officemates, future employer, etc.) tries to access the subject’s social accounts, the first image that will pop in front of them is the posted nude photo of the subject: a very humiliating and degrading thing for the subject, definitely.

Bigotry and sexual harassment still fall short in describing what revenge porn really is. Many of the subjects posted have the life and confidence in them suddenly drawn out and replaced with humiliation, fear and misery. Those employed lost their job, while those hoping to finally land a job never got contacted again by their prospected employers. Many others received loads of texts messages and emails, all from strangers asking for sexual favors or making threats.

Revenge porn is illegal in New Jersey and California. Realizing too the tremendous ill-effects that the site can cause in its subjects’ lives, New York, Maryland and several other states have also began the process of drafting laws against revenge porn. Very recently, legislators from Pennsylvania proposed a bill that would make those guilty of “revenge porn-ing” be charged with second-degree misdemeanor, a crime that will require a maximum fine of $5,000 plus two years in jail.

In an article posted on its website, Kohler Hart Powell, SC, a firm located in Wisconsin, says that a person who will be found guilty of a sex crime will definitely face very serious consequences, even long after he/she has already paid for the crime. A conviction will affect his/her employment, and will even make looking for a house to live in a challenging endeavor. It is of absolute importance therefore to seek help through a qualified lawyer in such cases.

If given the chance to be heard and with a really strong defense, circumstances that seem as though they will inevitably lead to a conviction may be averted, or those who are convicted may be given only a minor punishment. All that is necessary is to find a really good criminal defense lawyer and tell him/her everything he/she needs to know which will have a bearing on the case.


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